Warehouse Storage

If you’re running a business which involves stock and inventory supplies, you must have come across a situation where you need temporary warehouse space, e.g. additional stock coming in or additional orders to fulfil the festive season demand.

Currently the only option is to pay a premium for self-storage lockers on short-term lease, or find excess space from a partner, or have a new longer-term lease from a landlord. The storage location and space may not be ideal for your requirements and usually end up costing more than budgeted.

Businesses that require storage facilities for goods in transit or fast-moving stocks often find themselves stuck in this situation. With a tight budget and limited resources (time, money, and manpower), companies usually struggle to find the ideal balance for temporary warehouse space.

BEAM’s smarter storage solution is here to help, think of it as the AWS of physical storage, where you can increase or decrease your storage requirements accordingly, or like an AirBnB for warehouses, where we match you to additional warehouse space!

Speak to us today on our website or email us to find out how we can help with your temporary warehouse storage space requirements and you’ll come to realize that we can offer flexibility that neither landlord or agents can offer.

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